My name is Francisco, though most people call me Pancho. That's probably because everyone in my family is called "Francisco" –my Grandpa, my Dad, and even my Mom is Francisca. Not a very creative name, right? Maybe that's why I became a creative person. 

With such a Spanish name running through my veins it's only normal that I landed my first after-college job in the most Spanish agency I could find, with clients like Spanish Wines, Manchego Cheese and bullfighting arenas. It was fun, but I wanted more, so I decided to join Miami Ad School. There, I learnt from some seriously great creatives both at class and during the internships I did at Iris London, Bureau Pindakaas Amsterdam and Sapient Nitro NY. 

After that I landed my first "big" job at Leo Burnett Chicago, where I switched Spanish Wines for Coca Cola and Manchego Cheese for McDonalds (for work at least). And after that, missing some of the Spanish charm (or "pasión" as I like to call it) I moved on to the multicultural agency Dieste in Dallas, where I worked on brands like AT&T and Hershey's, always under the great creative and friend Ciro Sarmiento. My secret goal was to become the first Cowboy Madrileño, but instead we did some of the best (and most awarded) campaigns I've done so far, like “Adoptable Trends”. Then the last presidential election happened and I thought it was a good time to move to Ogilvy Hong Kong and work for the tech brand Huawei.

That's when I remembered the wise Stefan Sagmeister and his 7-year sabbatical cycle theory and realized in order to be my best self, I needed time to recharge and fulfill myself personally, so I took some months off to travel around Asia. But I'm not one for too much vacation, so half way through I decided to volunteer for 3 months in Nepal, a place I fell in love with. 

Now, back in Madrid, I got the chance to teach in the same Miami Ad School I left more than 7 years ago. I'm still deciding if my "teacher look" includes a tweed jacket or a leather one, but it'll always have a fedora, of course.
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