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Dallas Pets Alive - Adoptable Trends
Working with Dallas Pets Alive, we felt that shelter dogs lack attention & online exposure to find a permanent home. The idea was simple, we renamed our adoptable dogs after something that earns a lot of attention. We renamed them after the hottest trending topics. This way we redirected the attention trends get towards our dogs, and made trending topics our new direct and close way to adopt dogs. Visit to learn more and maybe adopt a trend.
Dallas Vintage Toys - Robot
Dallas Vintage Toys is a toy store that sells vintage collectible toys. It's target audience are adults, willing to pay up to $800 for collectible figures. A place where grown-ups can indulge its inner child. As adults who like toys, especially collecting them, we feel the same excitement kids feel, and we also have a much bigger advantage than kids: we have money to spend. So feeling as a kid as an adult is much better.
The FCUK campaign
After 4 years without advertising, FCUK comes back and now, the brand that became famous by playing with the words, is playing with the images too. The big idea was to take their game and play it from a completely new point of view. Edgy, sensual, simple and brilliant. This is The FCUK campaign.
Dallas Pets Alive - Long Life
A dog’s life is short. However, in the state of Texas, there are an increasing number of dogs whose life is being shortened even more. Dallas Pets Alive is a non-profit organization dedicated to take care of the lives of shelter dogs the same way people takes care of their own lives.
Coca-Cola - America Is Your Park
Online video to promote the 2013 "America Is Your Park" program of Coca-Cola. "A playful illustrated landscape to prove that some contests are definitely worth entering.” - Angela Collado (
Dallas Pets Alive - My Martha
Tasked with reminding people how influential dogs can be in our lives, we set out to reveal a powerful truth in history. So we went back 50 years, when iconic Beatle musician Paul McCartney first composed “Martha My Dear,” a beautiful song many of us still love today. For years people believed the song was about Paul’s girlfriend at the time. So we masterminded a campaign that recreated the birth of the song and gave credit to Paul’s dog Martha, who according to him was the real inspiration behind it all after he gave her a home. This truth about Martha as well as the achievements of people’s own pets proved to the world that when you change a dog’s life, they return the favor.
Cocktails vs Love
One part cocktail, three parts typographic exploration, graphic design, some love and hand drawing. Mix together, stir well.
It's Friday Beaches!
As a foreigner in a foreign land, I quickly found that Americans take for granted saying words like sheet and beach. What started as my journey to learn the correct American pronunciation, evolved into a weekly Facebook cover photo project to celebrate the fact that it's Friday. It's my take on the classic 'TGIF' acronym and serves to satisfy my friends requests for not suggesting we go to the bitch, I mean beach.
Not A Couple
While in school, I was lucky enough to find a partner that is not only an amazing copywriter but also a friend, and with whom I share Star Wars jokes and vivid fights about the difference between Zombies and Infected People (I use capital letters because we take them very seriously). Plus we are unbeatable karaoking Grease and you can't just throw something like that away, unless you have to. Her name is Luna Hurtado, together we were Not A Couple and we were pretty amazing. But like it happens some times, after 4 years of working and karaoking together life is pushing us in different directions. However, the brand we built will always remain as the piece of work we are most proud of.
5/3 Bank - Beyond Numbers
Most people measure wealth in dollar amounts.
The commas between those sums also tell us a lot about a person’s net worth: two commas: millionaire. Three commas: billionaire. But we wanted 5/3 Bank to do something different. Because a curious banker should understand that family, passions and legacy are as important to the management of wealth as numbers.
Chicago Art Institute - Impressions & Fashion
This summer, 19th Century Paris came to Chicago. Since early June, a curious new fashion blogger has been appearing on Chicago streets and sharing his photos and unique perspective on modern fashion and city life online. The blog,, is the work of one Jean-Paul Brunier, a fictional character to promote the Art Institute of Chicago Impressionism & Fashion exhibition.
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